Have you ever wondered how financially compatible you are with your man? Take this helpful quiz to find out how you'll deal with various financial dilemmas now, and down the road.


Marriage means it's no longer, "every man for himself" - take this simple quiz and find how financially compatible you are with your lovely bride.


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What zip code do you live:

You are:

SAVINGS - What percent of our monthly income should go into a long-term savings account?

INVESTING - The stock market is...

CHECKING - When we get married, we will have:

RATIO SAVINGS TO SPENDING - Which best describes your philosophy for handling money?

CREDIT CARDS - My philosophy is to:

DEBT - When it comes to debt:

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BUDGETING - When it comes to budgeting, I:

UNEXPECTED MONEY - If we received a large amount of money out of the blue, we should:

RETIREMENT PLAN - Our strategy for enjoying our golden years should be:

COLLEGE FUNDS - We should start saving for our future children's college fund:

CHILDCARE - When you have a child would you prefer to:

HOUSING - I would prefer to:

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SPENDING - How much money would you feel comfortable spending on a single purchase without first talking it over with your significant other:

FINANCIAL HONESTY - Have you ever tried to hide a purchase from your significant other?

RISK TAKING - When it comes to investing:

OPENNESS - When it comes to my spouse's income:

FRANK TALK - With regards to my income:

WHO'S IN CHARGE? - When it comes to dividing financial responsibilities, I prefer to:

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SHOPPING - Shopping is an activity I view as:

TRAVEL - My philosophy on vacations is:

TECHNOLOGY & GADGETS - From Ipads and laptops to video games and big screen plasmas, high tech gadgets are:

ENTERTAINMENT - My view on dining out, going to the movies or enjoying a night of cocktails/dancing is:

CHARITABLE GIVING - What percentage of your yearly income do you give to charity?

ESTATE / LEGACY PLANS - When I die....

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TAKING CARE OF FAMILY - An elder family member (mom dad or in-laws, etc) cannot do daily activities without substantial help do you...

RETIREMENT - When I retire I want to spend my time...

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